Terms and Conditions – Gin events Stand Holders

The following terms and conditions form part of your agreement with Gin Events Pty Ltd and The Australian Gin Distillers Association Inc.

Agreement to these terms is acknowledged by the payment of stand fees and registration to the event(s).


In these Terms and Conditions, the term ‘EVENT’ is defined by the event specified in the Registration Form. ‘STAND HOLDERS’ shall include all employees and agents of any Company, Partnership, Firm or individual to whom stand space has been allocated for the purpose of exhibiting. The ‘ORGANISER’ refers to The Australian Gin Distillers Association Inc. The ‘VENUE’ is defined by the venue at which the Event is to take place.

  1. All stands at all festivals and events are allocated at the discretion of the Organiser. The Organiser’s decision in all matters is final and will be in the interests of the company’s Philosophy. We support the craft gin industry and favour a boutique appearance in line with the modest stand fees paid.
  2. We operate ZERO TOLERANCE regarding the presentation, sampling and or sale of RTDs or any non gin liquors at all festivals.
  3. Stands must be limited to pull up banners of approximately 2.5m wide and 2.3m high or smaller. You may bring a bench/bar and display shelving so long as it fits into the area provided. Overhead constructions or side walls that block the view of neighbouring stands are not permitted.
  4. Stand Holders participate in the Event at their own risk. The Organiser does not accept responsibility for any theft, harm, loss, or damage from any cause whatsoever, in respect to any property including stock or staff during transit to and from the event venue or during the hours of the event.
  5. Stand Holders are required by Law to have adequate liability insurance for attendance at events of this nature.
  6. Stands will be allocated on a ‘first come – first served’ basis and will only be confirmed once payment has been received from the Stand Holder. An expression of interest without registration and payment from potential Stand Holders is insufficient and stands are unable to be ‘held’ indefinitely.
  7. The Stand Holder shall pay the sum specified by the Organiser to occupy the site during the term of the event.
  8. Stand Holders must hold a Liquor Licence to serve and sell alcohol and a copy shall be made available to the Organiser upon request.
  9. All Stand Holders serving alcohol must hold a valid RSA certificate that is valid within the jurisdiction of the Event. Copies of RSAs for all staff shall be provided to the Organiser prior to the event.
  10. It is the responsibility of the Stand Holder to ensure any additional paperwork requested by the Organiser or the Venue, including licensing forms and stock delivery labels, are completed and returned prior to the deadline issued by the Organiser.
  11. The Organiser shall be entitled to use and reproduce the Stand Holders name, trademark, logo, and marketing materials in connection with the promotion and production of the event.
  12. Stand Holders agree to attend the event and to display relevant merchandise at their designated stand during the session times specified by the Organiser. Spirits that are not gin or gin-related and premixed single serve cans including RTDs, seltzers and cocktails, are not permitted to be served, sold or given away. Failure to comply will result in the Organiser’s right to request these items be immediately removed from the event venue.
  13. Stand Holders are subject to sell and promote one brand name per stand unless prior permission from the Organiser has been issued in writing.
  14. The Organiser reserves the right to refuse the application of a Stand Holder if their products are not deemed appropriate for the theme of the Event (i.e. Australian owned and produced gin and related merchandise).
  15. Final assignment of stands will be at the discretion of the Organiser. The Organiser reserves the right to refuse any application from the Stand Holder for a specified position on the floor plan. Trading places with other Stand Holders during bump in is prohibited. Stands cannot be altered or re positioned in any way unless authorised by the Organiser.
  16. Regarding the installation of displays and marketing materials:
    i. No Stand Holders will be permitted to install its displays in such a manner that, in the opinion of the Organiser, impedes or obstructs the open spaces or designated pathways.
    ii. Large structures, such as gazebos, fete tents or overhead structures are not permitted.
    iii. Electrical installations are not permitted without prior approval from the Organiser.
    iv. Nails, screws or other fixtures are not to be driven into any part of the Venue including floors. Stand Holders shall be liable for any reparation charges incurred if this direction is ignored.
    v. All displays, such as banners and shelving, must be positioned within the confines of the Stand Holders allocated stand space and not impede on neighbouring stands.
    vi. The Organiser reserves the right to request the repositioning or removal of any displays that are seen by the Organiser to negatively impact the enjoyment or safety of patrons or staff within the Event.
  17. Regarding the conduct of Stand Holders:
    i. Stand Holders are responsible for ensuring that their stand and the Venue are maintained in a clean and orderly state.
    ii. The use of microphones or loudspeaker equipment within the Venue is prohibited unless authorised by the Organiser.
    iii. Stand Holders are responsible for the supervision of their stand and property at all times.
    iv. Stand Holders are responsible for the enforcement of RSA procedures at all times.
    v. All stand staff must be sober while in the confines of their stand throughout the duration of the event. Any staff deemed to be intoxicated by the Organiser shall be subject to ejection.
  18. The Organiser requires all Stand Holders to become aware of the details in the ‘Delegates Kit’, which will be issued by the Organiser at least 4 weeks prior to the Event.
  19. Cancellations will be afforded a credit if received more than 60 days prior to the first day of the event, otherwise all funds paid will be forfeited.