Journey to Market

A brief overview of the various pathways from producer to consumer from the perspective of a buyer and distributor.

This session will next be held during the Adelaide Gin Festival in June.

Wholesaler vs Sales Representative vs Distributor

  • What are the differences?
  • Where do you need representation?
  • How much should it cost you?
  • What are the benefits of each?
  • What can you expect from each?
  • Who expects on-consignment, who will pay for goods on terms?
  • Spirits companies vs wine distributors why might the former be the better choice?
  • Where do you see your product shining and how should this influence your decisions of representation?

Retail vs On-premise

  • How to approach the two outlet types, who wants what? LUC? Discounts? Nip price? Bonus stock?
  • Where does your brand sit?
  • Where will it move faster?
  • How to approach cocktail listings vs rail pours in on-premise.
  • What moves in the retail space and why is it a two-step approach?

What business model are you filling now?

  • Are you functioning as a retailer – direct to consumer?
  • Are you a distillery – production focussed and into wholesale chain?
  • Are you on-premise – selling in your own bar?
  • How might your approach to sales differ in the three models?