An Apology


During the 2018/19 Australian Gin Awards the nine judges looked at, tasted and judged 173 Australian craft gins. We awarded 5 trophies from the six categories and an error was made in the Old Tom Category. There were only two entries and they were not judged due to a misunderstanding.  The gins were Karu Infinity and Kangaroo Island Spirits. It must be noted that the KI Old Tom has won 14 medals in a variety of shows including a Double Gold at the 2019 SIP Awards International Spirits Competition & Consumer Choice class.

Both gins were entered into the correct class however we apologise for them not being judged.

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36 Craft Distillers and 200 Gins.


All of the stands at the Sydney Gin Palooza are now accounted for. We are pleased to welcome three New Zealand Distillers into the group adding a little bit of difference with their Kiwi botanicals. The Distillers’ full list is on the Australian Gin Awards web site and the master classes, VIP Packages and general event tickets are now for sale.

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Another Palooza Member


The National Distillery Company is a craft distillery which is located in one of New Zealand’s most iconic heritage buildings, based in the beautiful port of Ahuriri in Napier. Formerly New Zealand’s National tobacco company, the building was built with opulence and indulgence in mind and no cost was spared, and that’s the approach we take with our spirits. YES YES we will be at the Sydney Gin Palooza in November. We can’t wait to pour you a G&T or even better one of our banging cocktails. See you very soon Australia, we love you.

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Application Forms in July

Mel and Nick from Imbue Distillery entered their gin into the February Australian GIN Awards, they came to the Presentation Dinner and discovered that they had won a silver medal. No surprise as their gin is worthy! No sadly they are not coming to the Sydney Gin Palooza however they are waiting for the application forms for the next Awards which will be published in July.
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Giniversity at the Palooza


We thought you would be interested in the Giniversity master class at the November Sydney Gin Palooza. The class includes your entry into the Palooza following the class. The same class is repeated twice – 23 and 24 November.  The class size is 24 and the new venue is the Paddington Town Hall.


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Broken Heart Spirits


The story of Broken Heart Gin begins with two Germans living in New Zealand’s Southern Alps, Joerg was a pilot and Bernd an engineer. Both philosophers and committed Master Distillers, they formed their friendship around a still and a passion for perfecting spirits of rare complexity and fine flavours.

Read more.

New Zealand’s Broken Heart Spirits will be featuring at the Sydney Gin Palooza with their craft gins.


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The Diversity of Giniversity


When Cameron Syme set up Great Southern Distilling Company in 2004, he had one goal – to make the best spirits in the world.

Today, Cameron has established and owns 3 distilleries, two under the Great Southern Distilling Co, banner and one distillery operates under Margaret River Distilling Co. In these distilleries Cameron has been producing award-winning Australian Whisky and Gin for over 15 years.

His leading Australian gin brand of ‘Giniversity’ is made at the Margaret River Distilling Company, which Cameron opened in 2015.

Almost two decades on from the day Cameron distilled his first Gin and Limeburners Single Malt, each of these three distillery sites are their own “centre of excellence”, specialising in specific spirits.

World leading whisky critic Jim Murray has recognised us as one of the World’s great distilleries, and a number of international Trophies also acknowledge that we have achieved Cameron’s goal of producing some of the World’s best whisky and spirits.

Cameron has proven he has one of the World’s most discerning palates, and has developed an enviable record as one of the World’s leading Craft Distillers.

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KIWIs Join the Palooza


Lighthouse Gin owned by Foley Wines is based in Martinborough on the north island of New Zealand. Today, under the direction of Rachel Hall, Lighthouse Gin continues to produce small batch gin with its unique blend of nine botanicals. The unique blend continues to impress connoisseurs and experts around the globe with high scores and exceptional reviews. You can meet them at the Sydney Gin Palooza in November.

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NZ Distillers enter Australian Gin Awards


Chairman Bill Lark and CEO Judith Kennedy have announced that the New Zealand craft Distillers have been invited to take stands at the Sydney Gin Palooza and will be eligible to enter the Australian Gin Awards being judged this October.

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The Palooza Gang


Mother and daughters Kate, Cassie and Lexe Meyer teamed together to Manage the Palooza at Manjit’s and will be front and center at the Paddington Town Hall in November.

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