How Sexy is Your Bottle?


In addition to the trophies and certificates awarded to the contents of the bottle, the bottles themselves will be judged. The top design trophy will be awarded for the Best Gin Bottle. The Chair for this section of the awards is Elly Baxter from The Ginstress. Elly will select her team of judges which will be made up of professional designers and industry figures.

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The Awards Team


The Australian Gin Awards is in capable hands. The CEO Judith Kennedy AM has successfully managed Australian and international wine awards for more than 20 years. As a business woman she is keenly aware of quality control and delivering on a  promise to the entrants.   The Chairman is Bill Lark – he is simply a luminary distiller; an international whisky icon; an Aussie champion and an all-round nice bloke.

Together they are offering the gin industry a solid and mindful approach to an awards opportunity in order that distillers and independent bottlers alike may see how they stack up against their peers and benefit from the exposure these awards offer.

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And the Winner is….


In February the judges will be deciding on seven class trophies plus a range of gold, silver and bronze medals. The judges are yet to be announced. There will also be a Gin of Show silver perpetual trophy.


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World’s Most Popular Gin


London Dry Gin is the world’s most popular Gin style. Despite its name, it’s not always from London and can be made anywhere, so long as it contains only natural ingredients.

So what makes it “London”? It must be made from pure grain spirit, with flavour introduced from natural botanicals through re-distillation. London Gin also mustn’t contain colouring or any added ingredients other than water.


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