What’s the ‘CUP’ all about?

It’s an Independent competition founded on passion for the tsunami that is the Australian Gin industry. The competition is open to NSW industry people only.

The winner’s prize is a three day trip for two to Tasmania meeting Bill Lark and taking a gin trail to spend time with other notable distillers. Airfares, car hire, accommodation and spending money – sponsored by…

The winning cocktail will be replicated and served to all guests at the Presentation Dinner for the Australian Gin Awards on 7 March 2019. The winner will be acknowledged at the dinner as the 2018 Australian Gin Cocktail Cup Champion and the Cup will be presented by Mikey Enright.

The Chairman Says…

The CEO of the Australian Gin Awards Judith Kennedy AM invited me to Chair ‘The Australian Gin Cocktail Cup’ which I accepted, naturally. I feel it’s a great initiative to have an independent cocktail competition and obviously Gin focused.

Bartenders notified and chosen as finalists will be given a choice from 70+ Australian gin brands (being those who are taking part in the Sydney Gin Palooza) to choose for their cocktail recipe. So this competition will not only give some independence to the bartender but also potentially create more awareness of the Australian Gin market.

Mikey Enright. Chairman –
Australian Gin Cocktail Cup 2018

The Three Judges

Harriet Leigh
With at least 20 years behind the bar, English born and trained Harriet is now Head of Hospitality and ‘Boss’ at the Archie Rose Distilling Co.

Jason Crawley
Internationally recognised Jason is one of the most successful and well-known personalities in the Australian industry as a bartender, ambassador and entrepreneur. He is the recipient of the 2018 Outstanding Contribution at the Australian Bar Awards.

Andy Penny
Andy originally owned the Crow Bar which set the benchmark for cocktail bars in Australasia in the 1990s. Currently Stanley’s co-owner and operator, he is a veteran of the industry bringing a wealth of knowledge in front and behind the bar.

Entries close 5 November 2018

The Australian Gin Cocktail Cup invites you to complete the form below while giving thought to your most exciting Gin cocktail. You are limited to a total of six ingredients from tinctures, shrubs, mixers/tonics, Vermouth, Liqueurs and Australian Gin as the only spirit. It is mandatory to include an Australian native botanical either in the Gin itself or as an addition to the cocktail. Maybe choose fresh cherries, bush lime, river mint, rose petals, elder flower, cinnamon myrtle or peppermint gum leaf?

The Gin Cocktail Cup is an adjunct to the Australian Gin Awards and the public event the Sydney Gin Palooza. To create your cocktail you are required to use one of the independent participating Gins. (See distillers list below). Please DON’T  bulk email.  Look at the detailed list and choose one gin that you believe will suit your cocktail!. Please email or phone the distiller and request one sample bottle. They have all been notified and will respond quickly. If you are including a tonic water please use our sponsor Fever-Tree.

Use your imagination and your experience to create the winner. We require your written recipe and a 45 – 60  sec video of the process to create your cocktail. Shoot on your iPhone, iPad or Laptop. Don’t identify yourself however your voice over while you are making it could be similar to this:

“This is my Sunrise Surprise. The ingredients are 1,2,3,4,5 and the gin comes from xxx distillery and the botanical I have chosen is …  because.”

The finalists will be invited to compete on 5 December at Sydney’s Barber Shop (Australia’s Best Gin Bar of the Year 2018) in front of the panel of judges and invited industry guests. The winner will be announced at the event and the Cup trophy and travel prize will be presented.


Please have your video and still image ready to upload before completing this entry form.

  • Instructions on how to upload your entry will be explained once you submit this entry form. You will require the following;
    • One JPG or PNG still image of your Cocktail.
    • 45 - 60 second video of the process to create your Cocktail.
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.


Download Distilleries Contact List Here


To create your masterpiece you are required to use one of the Australian independent participating Gins. (Download list). Please email or phone them and request a sample bottle. They have all been notified and will respond quickly.

  • 7K distillery
  • Ambleside Distillers
  • Bass & Flinders Distillery
  • Big Tree Distillery
  • Four Pillars
  • Great Ocean Road Gin
  • Hellfire Bluff Distillery
  • Lawrenny Distillery
  • Margaret River Distilling Co
  • Old Young’s
  • Patient Wolf Distilling Co
  • Reed & Co Distillery
  • Settlers Spirits
  • The West Winds Gin
  • The Gin Boutique
  • Gin Lane
  • Killara Distillery Tasmania
  • 5Nines Distilling
  • Animus Distillery
  • Karu Distillery
  • Anther Gin
  • Cape Byron Distillery
  • Distillery Botanica
  • Fossey’s Gin
  • Hemp Gin Group
  • Imperial Measures Distilling
  • Kilderkin Distillery
  • Lark Distillery
  • Manly Spirits Co.
  • Never Never Distilling Co
  • Here’s looking at you kid
  • Old Kempton Distillery
  • Prohibition Liquor Co
  • Taylor and Smith Distilling Co
  • The Abel Gin Co.
  • The Craft & Co
  • The Farmers Wife Distillery
  • Tiny Bear Distillery
  • Underground Spirits